Coaching for Sexual Addiction

Coaching for Sexual Addiction Recovery:

What is Recovery Coaching?
Coaching is different from counseling.  Coaching focuses on achieving a goal.  The coach of a soccer team is the person who helps the teach function and play their best to make the goal.  Recovery coaching is about helping people learn the skill and to do the work that helps them get free.  Many people go to counseling and really are wanting a coaching session without realizing it. 

Addicts in recovery especially come to counseling with a goal in mind:  to get sober.  Counseling is about listening to one's story and to help them heal.  It may involve achieving a goal as well.

Counseling Coaching
  • Past oriented
  • Future oriented
  • Involves diagnosis
  • Involves goal
  • Confidential
  • Confidential
  • Partnership between client and therapist
  • Partnership between client and coach
  • Tools and information

Goals of Coaching
  • Skills to help acquire sobriety
    How does one get sober?  What are the steps involved and the pitfalls to avoid?  What are the adjustments emotionally, physically and relationally that occur?  What to do with resentment, fear and shame?

  • Skills to help heal relationship
    Learn how to recover and help make amends to the loved ones around you.

  • Relapse Prevention
    It is one thing to get sober.  It is another to stay sober.   What are the warning signs to relapse that the addict isn't aware of.